Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st time
Congratulations to Bill on passing his driving test first time. Bill approached me having learnt to drive with his parents and was in need of fine tuning his skills, plus to learn the manoeuvres and to get an understanding of the test area. After an initial assessment a test booster course was agreed over a period of a few weeks leading to his test. The result was a fantastic 1st time pass with just a couple of driving faults.

Passed 1st time
Congratulations to Caitlin for passing her driving test first time. Caitlin was taught using the LDC approach from a beginner gaining control skills before moving onto road and traffic skills. Despite a 4 month break due to lockdown Caitlin soon picked up where she left off and worked hard to be ready for her test date. The hard work paid off as she passed with just a couple of driving faults.

Passed 1st Time
Huge congratulations to Luke for passing his driving test first time with just a couple of driving faults. Luke wanted a mid-way course having learnt the basics many years ago with a previous instructor. A course of 20 hours was agreed over an 8 week period leading to his test. After an initial recap of the control skills Luke as soon onto road and traffic skills. A great example that each learner driver has a unique set of requirements and that LDC courses can be tailored to each individual student.

Zero driving fault pass
Massive congratulations to Tayla for passing her driving test with zero driving faults. Tayla started as a complete beginner having weekly lessons just before the winter lockdown of 2020. On resumption in April 2021 Tayla continued with weekly lessons ensuring she was at a competent standard before booking her practical driving test. The result shows that with patience and practice fantastic results can be achieved. The examiner even commented what a great driver you are.

1st Time Pass
Jayna fully utilised the LDC system, using a combination of the workbook and videos to prepare for each lesson maximising the time spent in the car for driving. Jayna decided to buy a semi-intensive course of 30 hours which was unfortunately stopped half way through due to covid. However on the resumption of lessons in April Jayna picked up from where she left off and fully deserved her 1st time pass with just a couple of driving faults. Congratulations on a great and fully deserved 1st time pass, stay safe and hope to see you out on the roads in the future.

Fantastic pass
A very well deserved pass for Jamie. Jamie previously had 6 hours with another instructor in an automatic car but was continually let down. Although Jamie was looking to continue in an automatic car I offered Jamie a free lesson to try a manual car and promised him I could get him through his test using a manual transmission. After the initial free lesson Jamie decided to continue and had weekly 1 hour lessons. It was not all plain sailing due to many months of lockdowns and various DVSA test cancellations. However Jamie passed with only 5 driving faults, none of which were related to gears or clutch and under the added pressure of knowing his theory certificate was about to expire. You can now look forward to being dad's taxi. Stay safe and enjoy your new freedom.

Much deserved pass for David
Congratulations to David for a much deserved pass of his driving test in Reading, especially as you are not familiar with the area being from Glasgow. It just goes to show perseverance does pay, I bet you wish you had done it years ago now. It was an absolute pleasure to teach you and I will certainly miss our Saturday morning chats. No more cycling to work on those dangerous A roads. Stay safe and all the best for the future.

Passed 1st time
A great 1st time pass for Lewis with only 1 driving fault. Made extra special as you had to wait 4 months during lockdown and endure several postponements before being able to take your test. Enjoy your freedom and stay safe.

Passed with zero driving faults
Massive congratulations to Olivia for passing her driving test. Olivia was new to the area due to studying at the local university. She had previously failed her test but immediately demonstrated to me she was a very competent driver. A test booster set of lessons was agreed and Olivia smashed it passing with zero driving faults. The examiner even commented what a great driver you are.

Excellent pass with only 1 driving fault
An excellent pass for Veronica, a natural born driver who passed with only 22 hours tuition having weekly 2 hour lessons. It was a double celebration as it was also your birthday.

Passed 1st time
Eleftherios took the semi-intensive 30 hour course starting from scratch and passing 1st time within 3 weeks. Darren is a fantastic driving instructor providing excellent teaching, always calm, supportive, positive and reassuring with great help and tips during the course. I am so glad I chose you as my instructor as I don't think I could have passed with anyone else so quickly.

Lee PatrickLee Patrick
Fantastic Pass
My instructor (Darren) was very helpful as he let me decide what I wanted to do on my lessons based on the LDC workbook and discussions about previous lessons (what went well, what didn't go as well as I would have liked, what I could do differently etc). The LDC workbook was invaluable, it was very informative and covered all the necessary topics to become a safe driver. The book allowed me to read topics before each lesson which saved time in the car giving me more time to drive.